TT No. 625: Palm-based Multipurpose Liquid Creamer

The function of a creamer which is available either in powder and liquid form, is to impart a desirable cream-like flavour, body and texture to foods and beverages to which it is added. The most widely and frequently used creamer for beverages, especially coffee which is a heavily consumed drink in the world, is dairy-based creamer, e.g., milk/milk powder, evaporated milk and dairy-based coffee creamer. The dairy-based creamer, however, has nutritional shortcomings, i.e., it contains cholesterol (Pordy, 1994). One cup of whole milk, low-fat milk and non-fat milk contains 33 mg, 10 mg and 4 mg of cholesterol, respectively.

Main Researcher: Noor Lida Habi Mat Dian