What is TOT?

What is TOT?
An annual event to bring MPOB R&D findings from bench to the market place. The new technologies and services are offered to the oil palm industry for adoption and commercialisation. Transfer of Technology (TOT) Seminar and Exhibition contributes towards energising the industry with innovation and opportunities in wealth creation.

How can TOT benefit you?
MPOB is constantly conducting research on new technologies to benefit the palm oil industry. From 1986 to 2019, a total of 667 technologies and 184 services have been disclosed through TOT Seminar and Exhibition and about 30% have reached the market place with market value worth bilions of ringgit.

Hence, MPOB WELCOMES all entrepreneurs to take up this unique business opportunities and leverage on the continuous growth of Malaysia’s palm oil industry.

Palm Oil – the best time to invest is all the time!!

Technical enquiries, please contact:

Dr. Anis Mokhtar
+603-8769 4574

Suraya Mohamad
+603-8769 4579