Golden Oil of Malaysia

The Golden Oil of Malaysia gallery provides visual display of the various processing technologies in the form of mock-up models of the physical refining unit, the double fractionation plant and the oleochemical plant.

The highlight of this gallery is the interactive working model of the experimental palm oil mill in Labu to show the integrated palm oil processing from the fruit-handling stage to the crude palm oil production. Touch the green button on the control panel and observe the integrated milling process in action. The mill aims to develop a more environmentally friendly palm oil milling process - new waste treatment technology, continuous sterilization, mill-wide automation and computerization.

The Mill model is complemented by the video projection on the integrated processing of the golden oil. Moving on to the gallery's left, the wall display a large animated chart on "Processing of the Golden Oil". The entire process of palm oil production, from milling to refining to fractionation to oleochemical production is animated using back-lit images, text and a polar motion diagram. Information kiosks are made handy within this area. Apart from displaying interactive information on the latest technology and machinery used at every stage of palm oil processing, the kiosks also contain figures and facts on the following topics:

  • Area under plantation
  • Production volume
  • Import and export figures
  • Milling and crushing sector
  • The refinery sector

Information Kiosk module: Palm Oil Processing - Refining & Fractionation


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