The King of Palms

The King of Palms reveals itself as you take the staircase down to the lower level of the Galeri.

The scenario projects the synergy between Man-oil palm cultivation - Environment. The ecofriendliness of oil palm cultivation is manifested by the fact that the oil palm, being a perennial plantation crop, maintains its green canopy throughout 30 years of its economic life, hence no soil erosion, river siltation etc. Nature takes care of itself as manifested by the biological control of pests and weeds in the oil palm plantations.

Another highlight is the Zero Waste concept marking the significance of fully utilizing the trees by manufacturing their parts into usable products such as furniture, paper, etc. Being a tree of a 1001 uses, the oil palm aptly earns its title as the King of Palms.

There will be opportunities for further information about the tree and its usages. Topics include:

The Integrated Farming concept introduced to increase the income of oil palm small holders through commercial farming of crops, such as fruits, vegetables, jati and rattan, as well as cattle and deer farming further enhance the balanced interaction of agriculture and the environment.

At this juncture, you can side-track through the transit exit in order to view closely the outdoor exhibits-PORIM PS Series; Barn Owl and its Nestbox; or the various MPOB R&D highlights put on occasional display - the Crabbie, CPO-driven Mercedes car etc.

Information Kiosk Module: Utilization of the palm


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