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The Entrepreneurial Opportunities gallery, as the name suggests, is specially dedicated to entrepreneurs who are keen to explore the many opportunities arising from investment and business participation in this industry.

The main part of this gallery is focussed on a huge fibre glass globe with running lights that illuminates the major cities in the world where the Malaysian Palm Oil's regional offices and representatives are set up. Most of these offices function as a liaison centre for overseas buyers and users. At the same time, they serve as convenient contact points for promotional activities and centres for information dissemination.

The globe also displays the world's top palm oil consuming countries. You would be surprised to find out that palm oil is now consumed in more than 130 countries worldwide, making it the largest traded vegetable oil in the world.

The four information kiosks here provides business information to entrepreneurs. One kiosk carries the future outlook of the palm oil industry: how technological advancement is striving to make palm oil the major vegetable oil of the new millennium. Another carries Palm Client: a directory of business enterprises related to the palm oil industry to facilitate business contacts. Lastly, commodity prices provided by Telerate will be a boon to entrepreneurs to get to know the market situation.

As you move behind the globe, on backlit panels, you will be presented with a synopsis of the main reasons for the success of the country's palm oil industry, which includes:

Information Kiosk module: Palm oil industry profile


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