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Time Inc
Magazine (Printed)

Fortune is a global business magazine published by Time Inc. and founded by Henry Luce in 1930. The publishing business, consisting of Time, Life, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated, grew to become Time Warner. In turn, AOL grew as it acquired Time Warner in 2000 when Time Warner was the world's largest media conglomerate.

FOSFA International
FOSFA International
Magazine (Online)

The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations (FOSFA) is a professional international contract issuing and arbitral body concerned exclusively with the world trade in oilseeds, oils and fats with over 1,000 members in 84 countries. These members include producers and processors, shippers and dealers, traders, brokers and agents, superintendents, analysts, shipowners, tank storage companies and others, providing services to traders. For further details about membershi

Genetics Society of America
Journal (Online)

GSA is dedicated to promoting research in genetics and to facilitating communication among geneticists worldwide including through its scholarly journals, GENETICS and G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, and professional conferences—such as those that focus on the genetics of many of the leading model organisms including C. elegans, Drosophila, fungi, mice, yeast, and zebrafish.

Genome Research
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Journal (Printed & Online)

Genome Research is an international, continuously published, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on research that provides novel insights into the genome biology of all organisms, including advances in genomic medicine.

Magazine (Printed)

HAPPI is the leading media outlet in the global personal care and household product market. Celebrating 50 years of global coverage in 2013, Happi provides in-depth analysis of this $530 billion market for our 16,500 subscribers around the world.

Nature Publishing Group
Journal (Online)

Heredity is the official journal of the Genetics Society. It covers a broad range of topics within the field of genetics and therefore papers must address conceptual or applied issues of interest to the journal's wide readership.

Journal (Online)

The journal covers the following scientific topics:
Control of pests (invertebrates, vertebrates, weeds) and diseases of plants, fungi and their products – including biological control in all of its aspects (classical biological control, conservation biological control, augmentation, inundative release, inoculative release), cultural control, varietal control (plant resistance, including by genetic manipulation), chemical control (the use of insecticides, acaricides, nematicides, molluscicides, herbicides and fungicides), interference methods (e.g. use of semiochemicals, sterile male technique)

Bulletin (Printed)

Penerbitan ini buat pertama kalinya menggabungkan Buletin Perangkaan Bulanan Malaysia, Buletin Perangkaan Bulanan Sabah dan Buletin Perangkaan Bulanan Sarawak kepada satu Buletin Perangkaan Bulanan Malaysia.

Journal of Marketing
American Marketing Society
Journal (Online)

Journal of Marketing Research concentrates on the subject of marketing research, from its philosophy, concepts, and theories to its methods, techniques, and applications. This bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal is pu

Lubes - N - Greases
LNG Publishing Company Inc
Magazine (Printed)

Lubes'n'Greases Europe-Middle East-Africa is the first independent regional business magazine for and about the lubricants, base oil, additives and lube packaging industries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It reports on marketing and technology trends, raw material supplies, regulations and OEM specifications, and the challenges faced by end users of lubes and greases and the solutions that meet their needs. Every issue includes breaking news, in-depth features and informed opinions.

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