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PNAS ( Proc. of the National Academy of Sciences)
Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences
Magazine (Online)

PNAS is one of the world's most-cited multidisciplinary scientific serials. Since its establishment in 1914, it continues to publish cutting-edge research reports, commentaries, reviews, perspectives, colloquium papers, and actions of the Academy. Coverage in PNAS spans the biological, physical, and social sciences.

Journal (Printed)

The International Palm Society is the largest society of palm enthusiasts in the world. Find the IPS Affiliate most convenient to your location, communicate with other palm growers through PalmTalk, purchase books or advertise palm related products.

Plant Physiology
American Society of Plant Biologists
Journal (Printed & Online)

Plant Physiology® (ISSN 0032-0889, online 1532-2548) is published monthly, in three volumes per year, by the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB), and is produced by Dartmouth Journal Services, Waterbury, VT. The online journal is the journal of record.

Established in 1926, Plant Physiology® is an international journal devoted to physiology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, biophysics, and environmental biology of plants. Plant Physiology® is one of the world's oldest and most well-respected plant science journals.

Magazine (Printed)

Popular Science magazine has been a leading source of science and technology news since its inception in 1872. first came online in 1999 and today features up-to-the-minute news, gadget reviews, insightful commentary, and more. We aim to be your first stop for what's new and what's next.

Pulp and Paper Canada
Pulp and Paper Canada
Magazine (Printed)

The Pulp & Paper Canada group of publications includes Pulp & Paper Canada, the annual Buyers’ Guide, the Annual Mill Directory, The Reporter (a show newspaper for the PAPTAC Annual Meeting and EXFOR), and a weekly e-newsletter.

Pulp & Paper Canada reports on the pulp and paper industry in Canada through articles about mills, people, innovations in research, technology, management and financing, as well as forecasts of future trends.

Pulp & Paper Canada is proud to be the official journal of record for the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC). Every issue showcases the latest in research and case studies on a variety of technical subjects.

Reader's Digest
Reader Digsets'
Magazine (Printed)

Reader's Digest is an American general interest family magazine, published monthly (except for a short period between 2010 and 2012 when the American edition was published ten times per year)

American Association for the Advance-ment of Science (AAAS)
Magazine (Printed & Online)

Science and the National Science Foundation present the winners in the five categories of the 2013 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge: illustration, posters & graphics, photography, games & apps, and video. This year's winning entries include a word cloud of common Internet passwords, a poster on the effects of cold-stunning on sea turtles, an educational game that allows deep-sea explorers to guide a remotely operated vehicle, and much more.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
American Society for Nutrition
Journal (Printed & Online)

The American Society for Nutrition (>4100 members) is the premier research society dedicated to improving the quality of life through the science of nutrition. The Society fulfills its mission by fostering and enhancing research in animal and human nutrition; providing opportunities for sharing, disseminating, and archiving peer-reviewed nutrition research results (at its annual meeting and in its publications, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and The Journal of Nutrition); fostering quality education and training in nutrition; upholding standards for ethical behavior in research, the protection of human subjects, and the care and treatment of research animals; providing opportunities for fellowship and support among nutritionists; and bringing scientific knowledge to bear on nutrition issues through communication and influence in the public domain.

The Plant Cell
American Society of Plant Biologists
Magazine (Printed & Online)

The Plant Cell publishes novel research of special significance in plant biology, especially in the areas of cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, development, and evolution. The primary criteria for publication are that the article provides new insight that is of broad interest to plant biologists, not only to specialists, and that the presentation of results is appropriate for a wide audience of plant biologists.

The Public Ledger
Agra Informa
Magazine (Printed & Online)

The Public Ledger is the most complete business intelligence service for agricultural commodities trading. We have been providing news, analysis, and data for over 700 agricultural commodities, including grains, oils & oilseeds, feeds and softs. Among the specialist commodities are dried fruit & nuts, spices, essential oils and honey.

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