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Looking Toward the Future of Energy

Synopsis / Contents:
-How science centers can harvest interest in energy
-Mentoring cafes offer students a cup of STEM
-The power energy education
-Two approaches to addressing fracking in New York state

Keywords:Awareness campaign; Energy education; Science centers

Link to Publisher Website

ISSN: 1528-820X
Publisher: Association of Science-Technology Centers Incorporated
Issue Info: 2016 18 2
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Partners In Research For Devcelopment
Empowering Women Changing Lives

Synopsis / Contents:
-The heart empowering
-Reflections on the way forward
-Empowering women, changing lives
-Harvest of harmony

Keywords:Tree breeding; Emancipating power; Native nuts

Link to Publisher Website

ISSN: 1031-1009
Publisher: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Issue Info: 2016 1
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Safe, Smart and Innovative Development in Power Systems

Synopsis / Contents:
-Electric motors & energy management back to basics
-Technical visit to SIRIM QAS international electrical and electronic testing facilities
-The 7th annual general meeting (AGM) of electronic engineering technical division (eETD)
-Technical visit to lafarge's construction development lab (CDL)

Keywords:Power systems; Boiler; Energy management

Link to Publisher Website

ISSN: 0126-9909
Publisher: Dimension Publishing Sdn Bhd
Issue Info: 2016 2
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

CIO: Business Technology Leadership
Leading Digital Transformation To Scale

Synopsis / Contents:
-Digital transformation train has left the station - is your company on board
-Digital transformation a continuum of actions
-Digital powers pizza hut's customer experience strategy
-Leveraging e-commerce to expand healthcare access in the Philippines


Link to Publisher Website

Publisher: Executive Networks Media
Issue Info: 2016
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Fighting Tax Evasion through Exchange of Information

Synopsis / Contents:
-Ujian personaliti sebagai peramal penempatan pekerja
-Section 4A and prominence of DTA under paragraph 132 (1)(b) ITA
-Kesan dinamik hasil cukai langsung, perbelanjaan kerajaan dan pertumbuhan ekonomi: kajian var berstruktur di Malaysia
-100 great team effectiveness ideas

Keywords:Ujian personaliti; Tax standard; Perisikan cukai

Link to Publisher Website

Publisher: Akademik Percukaian Malaysia
Issue Info: 2016 1
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Conservation Malaysia: A bulletin supporting plant and animal conservation in Malaysia
A New Record of Hawk Moth Larvae Defoliating Endemic Bornean Alocasia Cuprea K.koch

Synopsis / Contents:
-Attack by hawk moth larvae
-Pulau Payar marine park
-Unraveling the confusion in Peninsular Malaysian orcgidantha
-What do we know of dipterocarpus coriaceus in Peninsular Malaysia?

Keywords:Hawk moth larvae; Peninsular Malaysia; Dipterocarpus coriaceus

ISSN: 1823-7975
Publisher: Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
Issue Info: 2015 22
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Amanat Naib Canselor 2016

Synopsis / Contents:
-UMT menang MOOC terbaik 2015
-Dato' Ghazali CEO@Fakulti UMT
-UMT tingkat kapasiti jalur lebar
-UMT sertai misi bantuan pelarian Syria

Keywords:Pelayaran saintifik; Bantuan perlarian Syria; Lawatan ilmiah

Link to Publisher Website

ISSN: 1675-2139
Publisher: Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Issue Info: 2016 54
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

FRIM in Focus
Why Mushrooms Grow After Rain

Synopsis / Contents:
- A rare find from the mempisang family
- Red silk cotton tree with striking flowers
- Sustainable forest management for a better climate
- Delta Kelantan mangrove forests

Keywords:Mangrove forests; Striking flowers; Forest management

Link to Publisher Website
Link to Newsletter / Bulletin

ISSN: 1394-5467
Publisher: Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)
Issue Info: 2016
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Going Digital by Reconstructing IT

Synopsis / Contents:
-Digitizing with Huawei telco OS
-Walking the road to cloud transformation
-Building cloud data centers the smart way
-Flying into the public cloud

Keywords:Data centers; Storage consolidation; Public cloud

Publisher: Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Issue Info: 2016 77
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Personal Care
In Cosmetics: New Features for Expanding Seoul Show

Synopsis / Contents:
-Asian consumer's hair care regimes continue to evolve
-Anti-dandruff efficiency of cationic conditioning polymers
-Proteomics: next generation biomimetic hair care actives
-A new class of sustainable bio-based polymers

Keywords:Bioimetic hair care; Bio-based polymers; Macroalgae cell culture

Link to Publisher Website

ISSN: 1470-8213
Publisher: Step Communications Ltd
Issue Info: 2016 17 2
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

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