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Farmings Future
Ensuring Food Safety and Quality: Food Chain Partnership at Bayer

Synopsis / Contents:
-Oilseed rape on the rise: yellow star
-Experts in pest control: coping with caterpillars
-Diversity of roles: one profession, many facets
-Foof trends and global hunger

Keywords:Global hunger; Oilseed; Pest control

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Publisher: Bayer CropScience AG
Issue Info: 2015
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Intelektual Muda
Kemahiran Kepimpinan dalam Arus Globalisasi

Synopsis / Contents:
-Assesing ICT competency in the public sector: a proposed framework for conceptualising ICT expertise
-ICT: how they contribute to innovation activities
-Scenario based approach to strategic planning
-Innovative working behaviour

Keywords:Kemahiran kepimpinan; Intelektual muda; Perubahan tenaga kerja

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ISSN: 2462-1722
Publisher: Unit Pemodenan Tadbiran dan Perancangan Pengurusan Malaysia
Issue Info: 2015 1
Pub Version: Print
Item Location: Bangi

Berita Transformasi Pertanian
Lahir Peladang Progresif

Synopsis / Contents:
-Usahawan PPK Lubuk Batu: pemprosesan makanan ikan
-Permutuan padi sebenar: mengapa perlu dilakukan
-Program PUP dan TPUP pemangkin usahawan muda daerah Kuala Langat
-Pembangunan produk pokok markisa oleh PPK Melaka tengah dan usahawan

Keywords:Usahawan muda; Produk pokok markisa; Makanan ikan

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Publisher: Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang
Issue Info: 2015
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

iDESA- Maklumat desa seluruh Malaysia kini di hujung jari anda: YAB PM lancar iDESA

Synopsis / Contents:
-Majlis perhimpunan JKKK/JKKP Malaysia 2015
-Mega sukaneka rakyat dapat sambutan menggalakkan
-Kursus MTCP 2015
-Seminar kepimpinan akar umbi negeri Sarawak

Keywords:Kursus MTCP; Seminar kepimpinan; Pembangunan luar bandar; Laman ilmu

Link to Publisher Website

ISSN: 2229-8770
Publisher: Institut Kemajuan Desa
Issue Info: 2015 3 15
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Sains & Teknologi
Teknologi Geographic Information System (GIS) dalam Industri Huluan

Synopsis / Contents:
-Faktor-faktor mempengaruhi pekebun kecil getah dalam penggunaan teknologi bahan rangsangan getah
-Penjualan dan pembelian melalui koperasi
-Pokok getah istimewa di Kg Bendang Selinsing Kuala Kangsar Perak Darul Ridzuan

Keywords:Pekebun kecil; Getah; Koperasi

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ISSN: 1985-0557
Publisher: Lembaga Getah Malaysia
Issue Info: 2015 13 2
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Timber Malaysia
Furniture China opens doors for Malaysian manufactures

Synopsis / Contents:
-Historical Paris agreement
-MTC conference a great success
-Timber blazes
-Ethereal ephelia


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ISSN: 1394-6196
Publisher: Malaysian Timber Council
Issue Info: 2015 21 5&6
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Innovation at Centre of Asia's Premier Feed & Grain Event

Synopsis / Contents:
-FIAAP animal nutrition conference
-Aquafeed horizons asia
-Petfood forum asia
-GMP + feed safety assurance certification

Keywords:Assurance certification; Petfood forum; Nutrition conference

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Publisher: Victam International BV
Issue Info: 2016 21 1
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

RISG La Rivista Italiana Delle Sostanze Grasse
Organo Ufficiale Dell'Area Ssog Di Innovhub Stazioni Sperimentali Per L'industria Azienda Speciale Della Camera Di Commercio Di Milano

Synopsis / Contents:
-Physical and chemical characterization of different varieties of hazelnut grown in Sakarya, Turkey
-Profilo acidico e caratteristiche sensoriali di un preparato a base di polpa di pesce del lago Trasimeno
-Effect of low-temperature storage under optimal conditions on olive oil quality and its nutritional parameters
-Nota breve-Thlaspi arvense oil: content and potential use for biodiesel production

Keywords:Biodiesel production; Nutritional parameters; Oil quality

Link to Publisher Website

ISSN: 0035-6808
Publisher: Innovhub Stazioni Sperimentali Per L'Industria
Issue Info: 2015
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Kebersamaan dan Kebersatuan

Synopsis / Contents:
-Hari peneroka FELDA 2015
-Sukan warga FELDA
-Kembara mahkota Johor
-Tokoh imam FELDA 2015

Keywords:Khidmat bakti; Koperasi felda; Bukti komuniti

Link to Publisher Website

Publisher: Jabatan Pembangunan Komuniti
Issue Info: 2015 2
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

Malaysian Tin Bulletin
Aus tin's granville acquisition finalised

Synopsis / Contents:

Keywords:Market review; Tin statistics

Publisher: Tin Industry (Research and Development) Board
Issue Info: 2015 26 12
Pub Version:
Item Location: Bangi

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