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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 4 No. 1
Publication Date: Jan - Feb 1998
Pages : 12p

- Towards Greater Government –Industry Synergy
- Future Trends of Palm Oil and its Relative Position in The World Market
- Liquid Laundry Detergent
- Combating Vitamin A Deficiency with Red Palm Oil
- Romania Market Updates
- Unilever Purchases Brazil’s Biggest Ice-Cream Manufacturer

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 3 No. 5
Publication Date: Nov-Dec 1997
Pages : 12p

- The Energy-Environment Interface in the Malaysian Oil Palm Industry
- Maximising the Use of Oil Palm Fibres
- Formulation of Trans Fatty Acid-free Margerines
- Use of Palm Olein in Hard Milkfat Blends as Bakery Shortenings
- West Asia Market Update
- Growth in Palm Oil Cobsumption Expected
- Application of Supercritical Fluid Technology in the Palm Oil Industry

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 3 No. 4
Publication Date: Aug - Oct 1997
Pages : 11p

- The Role of Biotechnology in Making Oil Palm the Major Supplier of Edible Oil and Renewable Industrial Feedstock
- Natural Antioxidants from Palm Oil
- Palm Oil Familiarisation Programme
- British Update on Trans Fatty Acid Contect of Fried Foods
- Potential for Palm-based Anionic Surfactants
- Palm-based Reduced Fat Spread
- Palm Oil-based Printing Ink
- Colombia Market Update
- Anglia Oils Buys Procter and Gamble Brands

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 3 No. 3
Publication Date: June - July 1997
Pages : 12p

- Building on Palm Oil's Success in Europe
- New Review on Effects of Trans Fatty Acids
- Inducing Bloom Formation in Chocolates
- Improving Oil Palm's Yield
- Preventing Cracking in Toilet Soap
- Market Update for Vietnam & Bangladesh
- New Animal Feed Plant to Require Palm Oil
- Technical Promotion in the Middle East

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 3 No. 2
Publication Date: Apr - May 1997
Pages : 12p

- Price Trend and Techno-Economic Advantages of Palm Oil
- Industrial Frying Oil - Practical Aspect
- Authenticity of Palm Oil - Assessment of a Brazilian Survey
- New Review on Effects of Trans Fatty Acids
- What Do the French Say About Palm Oil
- Formulation of Shrimp Meals

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 3 No. 1
Publication Date: Jan - March 1997
Pages : 8p

- Industrial Frying Oil
- Biotechnology of Oil Palm
- Natural Antioxidants from Palm Oil
- The Formulation of Trans Fatty Acids Free Margerines
- The Use of Palm Olein - Hard Milkfat Blends as Bakery Shortenings
- Quality Improvement in the Production of Malaysian Palm Oil
- Unilever Ghana Reinvests in its Food Business and in Oil Palm Plantations
- Palm Oil and Other Oils : Natural Variations in Fatty Acid Composition

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 2 No. 6
Publication Date: November 1996
Pages : 16p

- Colour Reversion of Refined Palm Oil : Cause and Remedy
- Cholesterol Oxides and Their Health Implications
- Atherosclerosis Could be Due to Bacteria After All
- PORIM's Experiments on Low-Trans Margerine
- Fourth Salon Oil International Trade Fair in Reus, Spain

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 2 No. 5
Publication Date: September 1996
Pages : 8p

- Palm Oil Situation in China
- Tocopherols and Tocotrienols Interactions and Their Significance
- Consumer Magazine Coutions About the Potential Hazards of Olestra
- Cholesterol-Suppressing Margerine in the Shops
- British Tallow / Beef Fat
- Record Oilseeds Producyion Expexted in South Africa
- Polish Confectionery Fats Industry and Trade 1995

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 2 No. 4
Publication Date: July 1996
Pages : 12p

- The Carotene Cancer Chemoprevention Controversy
- Trans-Fatty Acids and Coronary Heart Disease
- Journal Abstract - Influence of Palm Oil on Immune Responses and Susceptibility to Infection
- Vitamin E - Dramatic Benefits for Heart Diseases Confirmed
- Use of Palm Oil in Margerine and Cooking Fats in the United Kingdom
- Potential Uses of Palm Oil in Russia
- Palm-Based Margerine for the Russian Market

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 2 No. 3
Publication Date: May 1996
Pages : 12p

- Oleochemical Industry in Malaysia - Towards Value Addition
- Accelerated Stability Values of Oils and Their Significance
- New Oil Source Identified
- Specialty Fats of Vegetable Origin
- The Market Potential for Olive Oil : Palm Olein Blends
- Netherlands to Reduce the Content of Trans Fatty Acids in Margerine
- Comparative Cost of Hydrogen Production
- KKR Palm Oil Ventures into Oil Palm Plantation
- Malaysian Export of Hydrogenated Palm Oil Products
- New Tallow Refinery in the UK

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