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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 2 No. 2
Publication Date: March 1996
Pages : 12p

- Global Acceptance of Malaysian Palm Oil
- The Accuracy of Iodine Values
- Glycerol - Some Medical Applications
- Trends and Accuracy of Crop Estimates
- Olestra Gains US Clearance

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 2 No. 1
Publication Date: January 1996
Pages : 12p

- Progress in Research and Development for the Malaysian Oleochemical Industry
- A Lipid-Based Strategy in Treating Alcoholic Liver Injury
- Potential Pharmaceutical Use of Cis-Octadecenoamide
- Beta-Carotene nd Vitamin E Reduce Lung Cancer Risk : New Evidence
- Mutant Oil Palm Come to the Aid of the Margarine and Soap Industries
- 15th Palm oil Familiarization Programme
- Production and Uses of USA Tallow
- Half a Million Tonnes of Oil to Egypt and 13 Egyptian Factories

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 1 No. 8
Publication Date: September 1995
Pages : 8p

- Malaysian Palm Oil Prices Stabled but Exports Decreased
- Handling, Storage and Transportation of Fresh Fruit Bunches and Palm Oil Products
- Aquaculture - An Emerging Market for Palm Oil
- Common Practices to Maintain the Quality of Palm Oil and its Products
- A New Family of Low Calorie Fats
- Fatty Acids and Glycerine from Palm Oil Lauric Oils : A Malaysian Experience
- The Potential Uses of Tocotrienols Found in Palm Oil
- Placements of Food Labels
- Healthy People for the Year 2000
- The Role of Antioxidants in Limiting the Progression of HIV Infections
- The Arrest and Regression of Atheroscleorosis

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 1 No. 7
Publication Date: July 1995
Pages : 12p

- Impact of R&D on the Market Acceptance of Palm Oil in Pakistan
- Minor Components of Palm Oil
- Trend in Non-Edible Uses of Oils and Fats
- Technical Uses of Oils and Fats
- Palm Oil and olive Oil have Similar Effects on Blood Lipids in Normocholesterolemic Individuals
- Fluidised Bed Combustion Technology for Heat & Power Generation in the Palm Oil Industry
- Pilot Scale Production of Activated Carbon
- Cocoa Butter and Vegetable Fats
- European Palm Oil Prices are in Downward Trends

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 1 No. 6
Publication Date: June 1995
Pages : 8p

- Palm Oil Marketing : Challenges and Opportunities
- Palm Oil Makes Strides in the Mediterranean
- Trans Fatty Acid is Hazardous for Health
- A Semi-Commercial Unit of Combined Clarification and Purification of Crude Palm Oil will be Introduced
- West Asia : Trends of Palm Oil Imports from Malaysia

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 1 No. 5
Publication Date: May 1995
Pages : 8p

- Carotenes and Palm Oil
- Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) for Determination of Trace Elements in Palm Oil
- Oil Palm Research in Universities and Research Institutions
- Palm Oil Products for Roads and Highways
- Palm-Based Metallic Soaps for Rubber Compounding
- Oil Palm By-Products as Sources for Animal Feeds
- Polyunsaturated Oils and Asthma
- Cols Stability Studies on Blended Palm Olein
- New Prospects for Palm Olein in Turkey
- Future Contract for Palm Oil at CBOT
- Palm Oil Contract by AVOC

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 1 No. 4
Publication Date: April 1995
Pages : 8p

- Assuring the Quality of Malaysian Palm Oil Products
- Palm Olein Blends : Technically Practicable and Nutritionally Advantageous
- Breaking into Alrgeria : PORIM's Experience
- Palm Oil Has No Hypercholesterolemic or Prothrombotic Effects
- Use of Decanters Improves Oil Processing
- PORIM Oil Palm Genebank
- Palm Oil Has Been Consumed for 5000 Years

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 1 No. 3
Publication Date: March 1995
Pages : 8p

- Palm Oil as Fuel for Cars Fitted with ELSBETT Engines
- Trans Fatty Acids : Their Dietary and Health Implications
- Technology to Produce Carotene-Rich Refined Palm Oil is Now Available
- New Source of Lauric Acid
- The Effects of Symmetrical Triglycerides on Palm Olein Cloud Point
- Palm Olein Improves Oxidative Stability of Soyabean Oil
- Suppository Materials from Palm Products
- Trisyl Improves Colour Stability of Refined Palm Oil
- PORIM to Commercialise Rapid Test Methods by 1998
- New ISO 14000 Standards

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 1 No. 2
Publication Date: February 1995
Pages : 8p

- Towards a Greener Palm Oil Industry : Energy - Environment - Interaction
- Additives to Overcome Cloudiness of Palm Olein
- Control of Bagworms and Nettle Caterpillars Using Bacillus Thuringiensis
- Appetize - A new Designer Fat
- Is Age Catching Up On The Oil Palms ?
- Transgenic Oil Palm by 2010
- Mexican Labelling Rules

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Palm Oil Technical Bulletin Volume 1 No. 1
Publication Date: October 1994
Pages :

- Studies Prove Palm Oil is Healthier
- The Soap War
- Prospects in Eastern Europe and the Former USSR
- Palm Oil Regains its Market in Russia
- Import Duty Concession on Palm Stearin
- US Nutritional Labelling and Education Act (NLEA)
- FASEB Convention
- FDA Policy Statement Mentions Bio-Canola

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