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Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal
Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol.17 No.1 2017

ISSN: 1675-0632
Publication Year: 2017
50 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 21.20 / USD 10.00

-The Effect of Soyabean Oil Price Changes On Palm Oil Demand in China
-Crop-Livestock Integration among the Oil Palm Smallholders
-An Economic Study on Technical Efficency among Independent Oil Palm Smallholders in Sabah and Sarawak
-Competitiveness of the Rapeseed Industry in the European Union

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Orange Spotting On Oil Palm in Malaysia

Publication Year: 2017
15 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 15.00 / USD 8.00

Handbook of Common Parasitoids and Predators Associated with Bagworms and Nettle Caterpillars in Oil Palm Plantations

ISBN: 978-967-961-071-0
Publication Year: 2017
30 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 25.00 / USD 13.00

Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin
Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.122 (Jan-Mac 2017)

ISSN: 1511-9734
Publication Year: 2017
63 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 10.60 / USD 5.00

Feature Articles
-Dry Separation of Palm Kernel and Palm Shell using a Novel 5-Stage Winnowing Column System
-Waste Minimisation for Palm Oil Mills:A Case Study
-Premium Oil Segregation using Near-Infrared (NIR) Online System

-Approximate Fuel Consumption - Diesel Genset

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MPOB Annual Research Review 2016

ISSN: 1511-9629
Publication Year: 2017
155 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 40.00 / USD 20.00

Journal of Oil Palm Research
Journal Of Oil Palm Research Vol.29 No.2 June 2017

ISSN: 1511-2780
Publication Year: 2017
299 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 31.80 / USD 15.00

-Comparing Pollination Bag Types for Micro-environmental Parameters Influencing Seed Production in Oil Palm
-Construction of a Vector Containing Hygromycin (HPT) Gene Driven by Double 35S (2XCAMV35S)Promoter for Oil Palm Transformation
-The Use of Arabidopsis thaliana Model System for Testing Oil Palm Promoter:Case Study on Oil Palm MT3-A Promoter
-Analysis of Gene Expression by EST from SSH Library in Dwarf Oil Palm
-Thiamine Biosynthesis Gene Expression Analysis in Elaeis guineensis during Interactions with Hendersonia toruloidea
-Metabolomics Unravel Differences between Cameroon Dura and Deli Dura Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)Genetic Backgrounds against Basal Stem Rot
-Variations of 13C and 15N in Oil Palm Tree Organs:An Insight into C and N Distribution
-Apoptosis Gene Network Regulated by Delta-tocotrienol in K562 Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia Cells
-Oil Palm Roots Colonisation by Ganoderma Boninense: An Insight Study Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
-A Green Method to Produce Biodiesel from Palm Olein Oil
-Activated Carbon from Oil Palm Biomass as Potential Adsorbent for Palm Oil Mill Effluent Treatment
-Cultivation of Microalgae in Medium Containing Palm Oil Mill Effluent and its Conversion into Biofuel

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Oil Palm Bulletin
Oil Palm Bulletin No.74 May 2017

ISSN: 1511-7634
Publication Year: 2017
24 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 21.20 / USD 10.00

-The Impact of El Nino and La Nina on Malaysian Palm Oil Industry
-Evaluation of Entomopathogenic Fungi and Chemical to Control Termite,Coptotermes curvignathus on Mature Oil Palm and Supply Seedlings on Peat
-Bacterial Biodiversity in Oil Palm Plantation and Different Forest Ecosystems in Mineral Soil in Sarawak
-The Red Palm Weevil,Rhynchophorus ferrugineus: Current Issues and Challenges in Malaysia

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Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal
Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol.16 No.2 2016

ISSN: 1675-0632
Publication Year: 2016
27 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 21.20 / USD 10.00

-Consumer Perceptions on the Implementation of Biodiesel in the Transport Sector: A Case in the Central Region of Peninsular Malaysia
-The Push and Pull Factors in Business: A Study on Independent Oil Palm Smallholders in Selected States in Malaysia
-Total Factor Productivity:How Productive is the Palm Oil Milling Sector in Malaysia

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Malaysian Oil Palm Statistics 2016 - 36th edition

ISSN: 1511-743X
Publication Year: 2017
209 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 40.00 / USD 20.00

Review Of The Malaysian Oil Palm Industry 2016

ISSN: 1511-7448
Publication Year: 2017
100 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 35.00 / USD 18.00

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