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Book of Abstracts - Global Economics & Marketing - PIPOC 2017 (unedited)

Publication Year: 2017
51 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 40.00 / USD 20.00

Book of Abstracts - Oleo & Specialty Chemicals - PIPOC 2017 (unedited)

Publication Year: 2017
69 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 40.00 / USD 20.00

International Seminar On Oil Palm Breeding and Seed Production and Field Visits

-: -
Publication Year: 2016
100 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 80.00 / USD 40.00

The Palm Comics No.2 : Educational and Scientific - My Science Teacher

ISBN: 978-967-961-223-3
Publication Year: 2016
38 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 10.00 / USD 5.00

Journal of Oil Palm Research
Journal Of Oil Palm Research Vol.29 No.3 Sept 2017

ISSN: 1511-2780
Publication Year: 2017
430 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 31.80 / USD 15.00

-Estimating Numbers of Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) Pollen Grains Using Image Analysis and Processing
-Legitimacy Assessment of Pollen with Simple Sequence Repeats Markers
-Biological Agents and Insecticides to Control Bunch Moth,Tirathaba rufivena in Oil Palm Estates in Sarawak,Malaysia
-Diet Preferences and Production of Translocated Barn Owl,Tyto alba javanica in Captivity
-Antioxidant Activities of Elaeis guineensis Leaves
-Does Soil Compaction Affect Oil Palm Standing Biomass
-Performance of Oil Palm Loose Fruits Separating Machine
-Assessment of Oil Palm Wood Quality Improvement through Integrated Treatment Process as Function of Sawing Pattern and Slab Thickness
-Synthesis of Novel Eutectic Catalyst for the Esterification of Crude Palm Oil Mixed with Sludge Palm Oil
-Emissions Analysis on Diesel Engine Fueled with Palm Oil Biodiesel and Pentanol Blends
-Effects of Palm Oil Products on Growth Performance,Body Composition and Fatty Acid Profile of Juvenile Malaysian Mahseer (Tor Tambroides)
-Synthesis of Novel Oligomeric Polyols from Epoxidised Methyl Oleate and Epoxidised Palm Olein for Elastic Polyurethane Products
-Environmental Assessment on Methyl Ester Production from Palm Feedstock:A Case Study

Link to online version

Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin
Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.123 (Apr-Jun 2017)

ISSN: 1511-9734
Publication Year: 2017
63 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 10.60 / USD 5.00

Feature Articles
-Possible Changes in Milling Technology
-Pyrolysis of Oil Palm Biomass to Multiple Fuels and Products:Experiences of MPOB
-Bio-based 1,3-propanediol Production from Crude Glycerol

-Components of Bunch with Different Fruit Sizes

Link to online version

Palm Oil Developments
Palm Oil Developments No.66 June 2017

ISSN: 0127-3329
Publication Year: 2017
39 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 21.20 / USD 10.00

-Nanomaterials-Recent Advancements in Edible Coating Technology
-Recent Developments in Palm-based Lubricants
-Survey on Commercial Palm Olein and Oil Extracted from Snack Products in Selected Asian Countries-Part 2:Quantification of 3-monochloropropane-1,2-diol Esters (3-MCPDE)
-Red Palm Oil:A Natural Source of Vitamin A
-Eastern Europe:The Untapped and Potential Growth Markets for Malaysian Palm Oil
-Palm-based Methyl Esters as Carrier Solvents in Pesticide Formulations

Link to online version

The Palm Comics No.1 : Educational and Scientific - Balik Kampung

ISBN: 978-967-961-222-6
Publication Year: 2016
29 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 10.00 / USD 5.00

Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal
Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol.17 No.1 2017

ISSN: 1675-0632
Publication Year: 2017
50 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 21.20 / USD 10.00

-The Effect of Soyabean Oil Price Changes On Palm Oil Demand in China
-Crop-Livestock Integration among the Oil Palm Smallholders
-An Economic Study on Technical Efficency among Independent Oil Palm Smallholders in Sabah and Sarawak
-Competitiveness of the Rapeseed Industry in the European Union

Link to online version

Orange Spotting On Oil Palm in Malaysia

Publication Year: 2017
15 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 15.00 / USD 8.00

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