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Book of Abstracts Chemistry, Processing Technology & Bio-Energy - PIPOC 2015 (unedited)

Publication Year: 2015
93 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 20.00 / USD 10.00

Book of Abstracts Agriculture, Biotechnology & Sustainability (Volume 2) - PIPOC 2015 (unedited)

Publication Year: 2015
117 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 30.00 / USD 15.00

Book of Abstracts Agriculture, Biotechnology & Sustainability (Volume 1) - PIPOC 2015 (unedited)

Publication Year: 2015
66 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 30.00 / USD 15.00

Book of Abstracts Food, Health & Nutrition - PIPOC 2015 (unedited)

Publication Year: 2015
79 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 20.00 / USD 10.00

Journal of Oil Palm Research
Journal Of Oil Palm Research Vol.27 no.3 September 2015

ISSN: 1511-2780
Publication Year: 2015
298 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 30.00 / USD 15.00

-Palm dihydroxystearic acid (DHSA):A Multifunctional ingredient for various applications
-Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Improvement: Pollen Assessment for better conservation and germination
-Treatability of Oil Palm Frond and Rubber Wood Chips with Urea for the Development of Slow Release Fertiliser
-Aggressiveness of Ganoderma boninesnse and G.zonatum isolated from upper-and basal stem rot of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis)in malaysia
-Composting of Oil Palm Biomass :Fourier Transform-infrared and Thermogravimetry Analyses
-Efficacy of Some Commercial Lipases in Hydrolysis of Palm Olein for the production of free fatty acids and diacylglycerol Oil
-Conversion of Fatty Acid Feedstocks to 2-Oxaline
-1,3-Dipalmitoyl-2-Oleoylglycerol,1,3-Distearoyl-2-Oleoylglycerol and Trioleoylglycerol Do not Differ in their effects on postprandial levels of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and markers of inflammation in healthy Malaysian adults
-Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Palm-based Polyurethane foams using static headspace gas chromatography mass spectrometer
-A simple and rapid protocol for isolation of genomic DNA from Oil Palm Leaf Tissue
-Influence of pH on the Acylation of L-Hydroxyproline with palmitoyl chloride in an aqueous acetone medium
-Molecular technique identification of the microbial population in Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

Link to online version

Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin
Palm Oil Engineering Bulletin No.116 (July-Sept.2015)

ISSN: 1511-7634
Publication Year: 2015
60 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 10.00 / USD 5.00

Feature Articles
-Thermodynamics applied to palm oil milling
-Evolution of Boilers in Palm Oil Mills

-Glimpses of Oil Palm History 35 years ago

Link to online version

Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal
Oil Palm Industry Economic Journal Vol.15 No.2 2015

ISSN: 1675-0632
Publication Year: 2015
27 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 20.00 / USD 10.00

-Labour Productivity in The Malaysian Oil Palm Plantation Sector
-Impact of Tax Imposition on Cost Competitiveness of the malaysian palm oil industry
-Bulking installations in malaysia : Their issues and challenges realting to the palm oil industry

Link to online version

Soils of The Lower and Middle Baram River Basin, Miri Division,Sarawak Malaysia (Revised) - with CD

ISBN: 978-967-961-205-9
Publication Year: 2015
234 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 120.00 / USD 60.00

This publication presents the results of fieldwork carried out in the Lower and Middle Baram River Basin, Miri,Sarawak, Malaysia between 2010 and 2012.

Bibliography On Oil Palm Breeding

ISBN: 978-967-961-213-4
Publication Year: 2015
76 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 60.00 / USD 30.00

This Bibliography on Oil Palm Breeding Covers subjects in breeding and selection,vegetative propagation,biotechnology and seed germination.

Proceedings Of The International Seminar On Gearing Oil Palm Breeding and Agronomy For Climate Change

Publication Year: 2015
73 pages.
Price (exclude shipping): RM 80.00 / USD 40.00

-Impact of Climate Change On Oil Palm Planting Materials
-Impact of Climate Change on Oil Palm Agro-Management Practices
-Impact of Climate Change On Other Crops

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