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The gallery aims to provide comprehensive information on the evolution of the palm oil industry in Malaysia, focusing on the effects of research and development (R&D) on the agro-based and manufacturing industry related to processing of the oil palm. The exhibits follow a dual integrated theme to showcase the industry development, tracing the technological progress from the historical perspective towards the futuristic outlook, with an underlying theme to excite the potential entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to invest in the palm oil business towards sustainable development of the industry.

From chronological walkthrough to detailed mock-ups of the processing facilities and the Golden Yellow Belt of the Palm-based Products, the Galeri gives you an excellent taste of the mammoth content of the palm oil industry. Divided strategically into 8 sub-galleries with an individual focus, each gallery is structured with the intention to stimulate your interest in palm oil, from learning about its processes and discovering its uses to participating in business opportunities arising from its industry.

8 Sub-galleries

The historical scenario brings us to an ancient oil palm factory in Africa, showing how palm oil was processed in the early days. As you move along, you can read about the Origin of Oil Palm or watch the map as it narrates the history of palm oil's distribution from Africa to the rest of the world. Take note of the evidence of early use of palm oil as found in the Egyptian tomb 5000 years ago.
The Oil Palm Plantation
Gallery Two welcomes you into a real oil palm estate; accompanied by exciting sound effects similar to what you hear in a typical plantation... chirping of the birds, mooing of the cattle against the burring sound of agricultural machinery at work. You will be introduced to the Motorcycle Trailer and Mechanical Harvesting Pole, a machine designed by MPOB to harvest oil palm fruits. A video on harvesting technology focussing on the MPOB-patented aluminium harvesting pole; Zirafah, complements the machine on display.
Golden Oil of Malaysia
The Golden Oil of Malaysia gallery provides visual display of the various processing technologies in the form of mock-up models of the physical refining unit, the double fractionation plant and the oleochemical plant. The highlight of this gallery is the interactive working model of the experimental palm oil mill in Labu to show the integrated palm oil processing from the fruit-handling stage to the crude palm oil production. The mill aims to develop a more environmentally friendly palm oil milling process - new waste treatment technology, continuous sterilization, mill-wide automation and computerization.
The King of Palms
The King of Palms reveals itself as you take the staircase down to the lower level of the Galeri. The scenario projects the synergy between Man-oil palm cultivation - Environment. The ecofriendliness of oil palm cultivation is manifested by the fact that the oil palm, being a perennial plantation crop, maintains its green canopy throughout 30 years of its economic life, hence no soil erosion, river siltation etc. Nature takes care of itself as manifested by the biological control of pests and weeds in the oil palm plantations. Another highlight is the Zero Waste concept marking the significance of fully utilizing the trees by manufacturing their parts into usable products such as furniture, paper, etc. Being a tree of a 1001 uses, the oil palm aptly earns its title as the King of Palms.
The Natural Choice
The Natural Choice gallery is itself a manifestation of the versatility of palm oil in both the food and the non-food sectors. You have another opportunity to access the Palm Product Galeria database again here. With the help of a search engine, users can identify the product name and description, its ingredients, benefits and uses, manufacturer and distributor information, its country of origin, and much more. You will be surprised to know that palm oil is the perfect blending partner for all major categories of food stuff and can be substituted for petroleum-based products.
Entrepreneurial Opportunities
The Entrepreneurial Opportunities gallery, as the name suggests, is specially dedicated to entrepreneurs who are keen to explore the many opportunities arising from investment and business participation in this industry. The main part of this gallery is focussed on a huge fibre glass globe with running lights that illuminates the major cities in the world where the Malaysian Palm Oil's regional offices and representatives are set up. Most of these offices function as a liaison centre for overseas buyers and users. At the same time, they serve as convenient contact points for promotional activities and centres for information dissemination.
Research & Development
Research and Development (R&D) is the growth engine of the industry. As you enter the walkway into this gallery, you will be greeted with back-lit panels along both walls, revealing all phases of research and development being carried out in both upstream and downstream industries.
Technological Breakthrough
This Gallery is a launching pad to break into the New Frontiers of knowledge. Based on the existing technological progress, you shall discover the truly noteworthy technological breakthroughs from Biotechnology to Farm Robotics and the oleochemical potential. This section also offers some of the gasping truths about the future products and prospects through powerful audio-visual playback systems.


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