The Palm Information Centre [Pusat Maklumat Sawit (PMS)], Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) with more than a decade’s experience in information acquisition, dissemination and overall information resource management, has taken on a new business focus since the official launch of its database service PALMOILIS (Palm Oil Information Online Service) in 1993. Since then, it has expanded its traditional library and information service functions to provide other ancillary services enabled by advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  It is now the information hub of the Board, with PALMOILIS and PALMSEARCH as the common platform to collect, collate and disseminate information to the researchers, industry and members of the public.  It is a Palm Oil Knowledge Hub for a Sustainable Future.

Palm Information Centre (PMS) under the purview of the Information Technology & Corporate Services Division MPOB, is the culmination of a determined effort to give due leverage to information, especially the R&D information and knowledge generated by MPOB.

The PMS Building is a multi-level facility, covering a space of 5,888sq metres.  User areas, service areas, function rooms and other amenities are located strategically to enhance interaction with our customers.  PMS comprises of four information-based service components namely the Resource Library, PALMOILIS, Galeri Sawit & PalmShoppe.


The Resource Library is the knowledge reservoir of the Board.  It is the repository of all the by-products of R&D works generated from the laboratories and pilot plants of the Board, in the form of patents, standards,  publications, reports, theses, research notebook, etc. These publications, being the intellectual property of the Board are housed in special collection, PALMA Collection.

Besides the corporate knowledge assets, the Resource Library maintains a sizeable collection of books, monographs, journals, standards, patents, reports, theses, and other sources of information, both printed as well as electronic sources. Total collections as of October 23, 2019 is 70,722.

PALMOILIS (Palm Oil Information Online Service) is a portal of Information & Knowledge on palm oil and oil palm.  It serves as a knowledge hub for a sustainable future and as a gateway to MPOB Digital Library.

PalmSearch is an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) which provides a single search platform to the centre’s collections of over 67,000 resources including books, journals, proceedings, reports, thesis, articles, book chapters and many more.


The centre offers two categories of memberships, namely Individual and Corporate, to member of the public and industry respectively.  Members are entitled to various services, benefits and privileges as follows:

  1. Online Bibliographic Database via PALMOILIS,
  2. Information Resource Facilities,
  3. Current Awareness/Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI),
  4. Free Publications, and
  5. Archives.



Galeri Sawit is a specialized science centre to create public awareness and understanding of the palm oil/oil palm.  It showcases the evolution of the Malaysia palm oil industry, focussing on the contributions of R&D, enforcement & licensing activities and industrial & economic development in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

Galeri Sawit can be visited at the Bangi Headquarters, MPOB Central Region Kelana Jaya and MPOB Sabah Region Kota Kinabalu.


PalmShoppe is a sales outlet for publications related to palm oil, palm-based products, souvenirs and other collectible items.  It is a promotional outlet for products resulting from the Transfer of Technology (TOT) arrangements with the industry.

Being a visitor’s centre, Palm Information Centre also houses various public services and amenities:

a)    Anjung Sawit

A mezzanine annex to the Dewan Sawit, this room can be used to hold luncheons, press conferences, etc.  It can accommodate approximately 60-80 pax,

b)    Dewan Sawit

A multi-purpose hall for holding large gatherings, social functions and exhibitions.  It is also equipped with indoor games facilities.  Maximum holding capacity is 500-600 pax,

c)    Dewan Bactris

A two floors conference hall which equipped PA System/audio visual facilities.  Maximum holding capacity is 250 pax,

d)    Elaeis Hall

This is a self-contained executive meeting room ideal for briefings, exclusive meetings and luncheon gatherings.  Maximum room capacity is 40 pax,

e)    Info Café’

Info Café’ is located at the basement level which provides meals and refreshments during office hours, and

f)     Hybrid Meeting Room (PMS Meeting Room)

This room is ideal for discussions, group presentations and product demos.  Maximum capacity is 15-20 pax.



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